Bridal jewellery is more than a tradition in India. It is profoundly entwined in their culture, so much so that a bridal wear is incomplete without few popular types of ornaments. If you’re getting married in India or would like to know more about Indian customs, then the following article shall help you.

4 Types of Bridal Jewellery

4 Types of Bridal Jewellery

First and foremost, just like other parts of the world, Indian bridal jewellery also consists mainly of gold and silver. However, recent trends have shown a significant increase in the usage of pearls and diamonds for weddings. And some of the most popular types of ornament that almost all brides, if not all, love are:


Mangalsutra is an auspicious thread consisting of black beads and gold chain and pendant that every Indian bride wears. The tradition is – grooms tie a mangalsutra around women’s neck at the wedding. Because it symbolizes marriage, it is mandatory for every woman to wear it, especially in the Hindu culture.

Although the weight, design and size of the mangalsutra vary from one another, the combination of beads, gold and pendant is common. The beads usually don’t hold any value or cost is not even considered while weighing this ornament. And price of the ornament is fixed on the basis of the gold and design.

Nath (Nose Ring)

Nath is another important part of the bridal jewellery. It’s a nose ring consisting of different metals, mainly gold and silver. Just like mangalsutra it is also worn mainly by married women. In fact, is symbolizes marriage in most cases. Of course there are various designs and elements that go into the creation of naths.

While some people beads in a golden nath, others use pearls depending on the affordability. It has been used in Indian weddings for decades and is considered to be a vital ornament that every bride wears.

Payal (Anklets) or Toe Ring

Payal is nothing but an anklet worn on both the ankles. It is available in pair and holds an imminent place in the overall bridal jewellery. Payal is also made up of different metals including gold, silver and even white gold. Few people prefer metallic bells beneath the payal, so that it creates a strange but pleasing sound. An anklet may also contain a bunch of beads and pearls.

Toe ring is a small ring worn in any of the fingers mostly by the brides. Although the usage is not as wide as other types of jewellery, toe ring is considered to be auspicious for the bride.

Gold Bangles & Kada’s

Bangles, also known as Chudi’s or Kada’s are perhaps the second most important bridal jewellery type after mangalsutra. In fact, bangles are symbol of Indian-ness across the world. Most women prefer gold and silver bangles for their wedding. And, wedding bangles are embedded with precious and semi precious stones and are available in hundreds of unique designs.

To conclude, Indian bridal jewellery perhaps has the widest range of ornaments starting from head to toe. But the above mentioned 4 are the most popular and common jewellery that you, as a bride, must go for.

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