The history of making Beaded Jewellery (jewelry) using beads goes back thousands of years, in fact you have to go back to ancient Egypt to see the start of bead making. Some of these examples are so amazing that people today would be very happy to wear some of them, and they would still look stylish. Most of these were items of Beaded Jewellery using wooden beads.

Although the best examples of ancient Beaded Jewellery making are found in Egypt, fine examples of making beaded Beaded Jewellery can be found in most cultures. It is thought that many of the ancient Egyptian examples come from Crete. In Knossos there was found the ruins of a bead-making factory.

The Earliest Types of Beads Used

However the very earliest types of Beaded Jewellery items were actually made from chance finds of bone, stone or pieces of wood. These items were more due to accidentally finding a suitable item rather than it being crafted for the Beaded Jewellery item.

The biggest advancements in bead making came when it was discovered how to make glass. It was around 1,500 B.C. when Beaded Jewellery using glass beads started to be used. Of course these were never as valuable as Beaded Jewellery items using semi-precious and precious stones.

How Beaded Jewellery Business Developed

In time trade routes were opened up and it became possible obtain items from other cultures and lands. Glass beads were traded for items such as gold, ivory, animal skins and even slaves!

Over the ages then there have been many advances in Beaded Jewellery making, so much so that now homemade Beaded Jewellery items have become very popular throughout the world. Beaded Jewellery items made from semi-precious stones and glass beads will virtually last forever. Its possible then to reuse and redesignBeaded Jewellery items by combining the beads with new and modern elements.

Homemade Beaded Jewellery in Modern Times

Today, it’s not difficult to find glass, crystal and beads from semi-precious materials. The Internet is full these items which can be bought in bulk or individually. Today it is popular to make Beaded Jewellery items from glass, stone, wood and bone – just like in ancient times.

Of course it’s possible to purchase mass-produced Beaded Jewellery items. However, with a little bit of imagination and the right tools you will be able to produce something truly unique. I always find that it’s best only to ever make one or two similar items. You will then be guaranteed to have a timeless piece which is truly unique.

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