Ear jewellery is one of the most common fashion accessories there is. Whilst many people will associate ear jewellery with earrings, there are many different styles to suit every kind of look you could imagine. Along with the amount of styles there are to be found, there are also styles to suit both men and women. However this article will focus specifically on ear jewellery for women. When looking at the types of ear jewellery that are available, it’s important to also look the types of ear jewellery piercings there are since there will be different styles to go with the different types of piercings.

Types of Ear jewellery piercing

• Lobe Ear jewellery Piercing

This is the most popular type of ear piercing and is also the most versatile. With a lobe piercing you can wear many different types of ear jewellery including rings, studs and loops. These come in so many different styles that’s almost impossible to run out of choice. This type of piercing is suitable for almost anybody, whether you want to wear a discreet pair of earrings to the office, something showier for a night out or just something fun.

• Industrial Ear jewellery Piercing

Once you get away from lobe piercing, the types of ear jewellery you’ll find will be more suited to less formal fashion trends such as gothic, emo, alternative etc. For example you would not find somebody wearing industrial type ear jewellery to the office or at the theatre. However for those who are more daring there are a lot of great pieces of ear jewellery you can find in the industrial style. Since this type of piercing is done in two places at the bottom top of the ear rim, the type of ear jewellery you’ll find are bars with small pieces placed on them.

• Orbital Ear jewellery Piercing

This type of piercing is done by putting two small holes in the same part of the ear. This allows for loops with small pieces of ear jewellery on them to be attached to the ear. Whilst not quite as daring as industrial piercing, you still wouldn’t find this type of ear jewellery on display in a formal setting.

• Pinna Ear jewellery Piercing

This type of piercing is done on the outer ear rim, at the top of the ear. It’s a very versatile type of piercing as it allows you to wear a good range of ear jewellery including studs, cuffs and bars.

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