India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions. Weddings in particular, are celebrated with zeal and involve a lot of customs, celebrations, events and ceremonies. Each community celebrates wedding in a unique manner, incorporating rituals that have been passed on from previous generations. But there is one thing that’s common all Indian weddings and that is the bejeweled bride. The bride is adorned with exquisite jewellery from head to toe. When it originates to Kannada marriages, the wedding jewellery is chosen by the parents and families along with the bride.

Some tips to be followed by parents when purchasing jewellery

You will be failed for choice when it comes to choosing Kannada traditional jewellery as there are many diversities to choose from. Following these tips will help you choose the best projects of bridal jewellery.

  • Before buying jewellery, make sure that you choose a dependable shop as there are many jewellery stores that pose concealed charges.
  • Always go for light weight jewellery as they will not be too weighty and you can wear them at ease. Almost all the jewellery stores provide singular lightweight jewellery specifically crafted for weddings.
  • Do not forget to liken the rates of the jewels as it will help you save money. Check out a few stores, compare the taxes and then choose the best one that charges sensibly and suits your budget as well.
  • Surf the internet and get an idea about the different types of fashion jewellery in Kannada. There are both online and even shops that sell numerous types of antique jewellery at pocket-friendly rates.
  • The best time to buy wedding jewels is during festive period as many shops announce discounts and special offers.
  • Most of the shops sell latest models with diamonds, rubies embedded in platinum. This is preferred by many as platinum jewels are stylish and attractive to look at.

The Kannada grooms also purchases beautiful and stylish jewelleries for the bride and it mostly comprises of chains, bangles and earrings. The parents of the groom purchase specific ornaments such as the Thali, wedding rings, etc.

Important Kannada wedding jewellery items

These jewellery designs are attractive, traditional but at the same time have a contemporary feel to them. Here are some of the commonly used wedding jewellery items.

  • Netri Chutti:

Worn on the brow, Netri Chutti is a lovely piece of jewellery that adds style and beauty to the bride’s eyes and brow. Traditional Netri Chutti includes of white and red stones, but nowadays dissimilar colored stones are also used.

  • Necklace:

Necklaces come in different sizes reaching from short chains to long manacles. They come in good-looking stone colors, styles and designs and add sophistication and style of the bride.

  • Bangles:

Bangles give a stylish look to the bride’s hands and they come in different sizes and patterns. Some wear gold bangles whereas others love to wear fashionable ones with stone work.

  • Jimki Mattal:

It is one type of earring and it comes in elegant styles. They enhance the look of the bride. One can select from short, medium and large Jimki Mattals.

  • Haram:

Better known as long mala, Haram improves the look of the bride. These thick and long manacles come in traditional projects and add extra loveliness to the bride.

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