Hultquist jewellery was established by the designer, Anne Hultquist in 1980. She later formed a company called Hultquist-Copenhagen that started making and continues to make all of their designs to date. All of their jewelry was originally made using the basic concept of creating unique, fashionable jewellery inspired by a variety of wonderful mixtures of past, present and future cultures.

Anne and her team continue to contribute a huge amount to the world of fashion jewelry with their wide range of bohemian and feminine fashion. For example, some Hultquist jewellery is prejudiced by classical designs such as the Scandinavian style of look that couriers fashion consciousness and individualism. Since the outline of Hultquist in to the market, the jewelry gathering has had a special part of its collection made using semi-precious stones. The brand is also visible in parts of America and Asia although it is still on the initial stages of expanding worldwide.

Jewellery Information

All Hultquist jewellery is handmade and all of their jewellery is plated with real gold or silver. The main base metal used in all of Hultquist’s pieces is made from a metal alloy that is nickel free, so won’t cause a reaction if you have sensitive skin. This base of the jewellery is then coated with palladium and copper to ensure that the finished products look more attractive and last longer. Copper actually helps in giving the jewellery a shiny finish whilst palladium aids by helping the item to last longer.

In order to ensure that Hultquist jewellery lasts the test of time, there are a number of care tips that are strongly recommended. For instance, the jewellery should not be sprayed directly with perfume and if possible not come into contact with cologne. The jewellery should also not be worn while sleeping or bathing. Bathing with the jewellery is discouraged because it erodes components of the jewellery that can oxidise or “rust” i.e. the copper coating.

Hultquist Jewellery is the Ideal Mother’s Day Gift

Jewellery is without doubt the most treasured gift for Mother’s Day which means Hultquist jewellery will make an ideal gift. As well as being feminine, stylish and featuring many unique designs, it’s also well made and priced modestly. If you are short on inspiration, then you might want to choose one of the popular Hultquist bracelets, cord or bead bracelets.

If you think a necklace would make a better gift, Hultquist have a number of stunning designs which include the Tibetan Spirit necklaces’ in addition to many other necklaces all named appropriately according to what they represent.

Their earrings also come in a variety of designs including the ever popular heart themed stud and drop earrings. fact would any ones’ jewellery collection be complete without a pair of heart earrings?

By spending a few minutes of your time thinking about your Mother’s other jewellery pieces and the style of clothes she likes to wear, you’ll be able to easily match her look with a Mother’s Day Jewellery gift of Hultquist Jewellery.

Hultquist Jewellery is unique, beautiful and creates a statement. Hultquist, who are based in Copenhagen have hand crafted jewellery since 1980. Their exclusive and unique designs and limited pieces could be the ideal gift solution this Mother’s Day.

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