Unique handmade jewellery can be worn to add glamour to an outfit for many celebrations and parties, on dinner dates, on attending concerts and family occasions. These handcrafted jewellery designs are made up of silver, jade, diamonds, ruby, sapphire, multicolored semi-precious beads and pendants, amethyst, quartz, turquoise and Tigers Eye. The most popular among these unique designs is that of silver, gold and diamonds. Younger people prefer to wear pieces handcrafted from of silver as this is more in trend. Older people wear gold and diamond. Handcrafted jewellery is categorized under two subdivisions, modern and traditional, each displaying attractive and unique and unusual designs. Both classic groups exhibit handcrafted jewellery constituting of semi-precious beads, gold, silver, other metal alloys.

For any kind of party or special event you should select a very stylish and sophisticated outfit. The best way to display your beautiful unique jewellery is to choose a plain suit with very little embroidery or bead work in the design so that your piece can be seen to its best advantage. Try to choose plain colors like cream, black, sky blue or pink colors for your outfit. These are the attractive and beautiful colors which give a party out style and glamour and give a perfect frame for your favorite piece of handcrafted jewellery. The accessories complete an outfit therefore they must be worn on such occasions what is the point of owning a unique piece if it is never seen

In case you are in a quandary about what to wear and what not to wear for you event, in other words you want to know what kind of handcrafted jewellery would go best with your outfit, so without worrying about this matter, simply select silver, white or black jewellery as it will go with every outfit of any color and a plain design is always stylish and will never date. Those of you who want to wear matching accessories they can select simple white or golden Jewellery with the matching beads or semi-precious bead set in them. In the Middle East it is traditional for married women to wear precious gold or diamonds so they make selections of their accessories among the various styles that are present in the markets and handcrafted jewellery in unique handmade designs are a big part of their culture.

In case of earrings you should select the correct style for the shape of your face; button shaped if your face is round, and dangles earrings if your face is angular. These are available in the shops in different shapes such as star, circular, oval and square and available in different metals and semi-precious stones. If you are wearing a black dress then you should go for Drop silver earrings. According to latest fashion trend hoop earrings are also available in many unique jewellery styles. Precious Diamond earrings look glamorous on such occasions and after wearing them you become the highlight of the party. Heart shaped dangling earrings and round tear dropped dangling earrings look best with all types of outfits and will bring many comments on your style.

Your necklace can be a simple pearl necklace, but try to choose a multicolored one with a combination of Swarovski crystals, because the way they will add some sparkle and shine to your unique jewellery designs. The length of your necklace should be according to the neckline of your costume. You can select for yourself a simple gold chain or a contemporary silver piece of handcrafted jewellery. The bracelet you select with your dress must be of the same color and type as that of your necklace so that they complement each other and do not clash. When choosing your pieces of unique handcrafted jewellery keep the designs and colors in sympathy with each other and if you follow these rules you party jewellery will be a winner

I have been sourcing pieces of unusual handcrafted jewellery for both myself and my clients for many years. I am often asked to try and find a special piece that is to be worn for an event and this is when I try to find a piece of unique jewellery to suite both the style and personality of my client as well as to compliment the outfit they are going to wear. I have a list of many talent designers who have handmade designs that will please my clients.

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