Rajasthan is well-known for its arts and crafts, and is considered the shopper’s paradise of India. The royal history and rich culture of Rajasthan is famous worldwide. Paintings of queens or kings adorned with a gold necklace are a dazzling sight. 21st century brides follow this royal tradition, which makes them look nothing less than a queen. They book a royal palace, and get their wedding dress designed from the best designers and use jewellery in the latest styles. Intermingling of Kundan, Meenakari and Thewa is frequently seen in the traditional bridal Rajasthani jewellery. Rajasthani jewellery consist of traditional bridal styles like Kundan, Meenakari and Thewa. Quality and purity are integral factors of this type of jewellery.

Kundan is believed to be originated in the royal courts of Rajasthan. It is a traditional form of gemstone jewellery. It is made out of precious and semi-precious gems, which are fixed in gold and silver. Kundan is a local Rajasthani word that refers to all the jewellery pieces, which have a combination of lac and gemstones. All the Kundan jewellery designs possess a similar combination. The jewels used in this type of jewellery matches the bridal dress, which compliments the entire look. Gold necklaces are paired with matching gold jhumkas, toe rings, anklets, armlets, nose rings, tikka, waist bands, bali, finger rings and mangalsutra, to complete the bridal look. The city of Jaipur has traditionally been the center for Kundan jewellery. Kundan is the oldest form of jewellery made and worn in India.

Meenakari is the art of enamel, and Meena work (metal craft) was invented by the Mughals. It was popular amongst the Hindus and Mughal royals of Rajasthan. Meenakari is the fine art of decorating and coloring the exterior of metal. It is bonded with unique colors and decorated in a complicated design. In the traditional Meenakari jewellery, gold is used to enhance the colors and it also holds the enamel better. Silver is also used in traditional Meenakari jewellery. The brides modify the jewellery exact to their dress, with the base of either gold or silver. Gold sets complete out of Meenakari makes the bride appearance spectacular and royal. The colors used in this jewellery also match their dresses and complements the Indian skin.

The bridal gold jewellery of Rajasthan has another specialty named Thewa. It changed in Rajasthan through the Mughal era. Thewa is a old-fashioned art of fusing 23K gold with multicolored glass. The glass is treated by a special process which makes it glitter, and highlights the sophisticated gold work. Brides select this type of jewellery since it represents the culture, values and tales of love from Rajasthan, which they can easily relate to. The process of Thewa is time-consuming and complex. It takes months for one piece to complete, but brides find it worth the wait. Thewa jewellery is not only famous in India but all over the world, because of its detailed work and bright colors.

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