In our up-to-date world, handmade jewellery is used by the personalities in order to add to their style and elegance to themselves and their getups. In the past people used to wear their handcrafted pieces as a symbol of their wealth and power but in today’s world handmade jewellery is worn as an adornment and accessory. In today’s market a number of unique styles and forms of jewellery have been introduced each made of different materials. The most famous design of distinctive jewellery includes pieces that have been handcrafted from gold, handmade silver pieces, antique jewellery, unique turquoise jewellery, original metallic jewellery, unusual silver jewellery, funky plastic jewellery, wooden and enameled designs. All these materials used for making these stunning pieces are extracted separately from many different sources. Every day the talented designers make an eclectic mix of different materials with different color schemes combining semi-precious beads and pendants with different colored settings.

People wear unique handcrafted jewellery on their head in the form of hairpins and the sparkly hair combs. They come in a large variety of decorative metallic hair pins and are available in the shops and their purpose is to adorn your hair on any of the happy occasion and especially for weddings. These pins are available in almost any color you can imagine and many different colors of ornamental pins can be selected that will compliment all of your unique outfits. There is body piercing Jewellery the most popular being handmade earrings; clip on earrings, the ear cuffs and the magnetic earrings; handmade jewellery, beautiful nose rings, nose chains and nose studs. Navel rings, nipple rings, rings to be worn on your fingers etc. Not all of these pieces are to everyone’s taste.

When it comes to handcrafted jewellery worn on the neck we have jewellery necklaces. The unique handmade necklaces are of various types and styles and can be found handmade and crafted into unique designs from many different materials and semi-precious beads and stunning handcrafted pendants. They can wrap around the neck loosely whereas the short designs sit snug. Pearls are very popular for creating unique necklace designs and these are found at many lengths and can be worn as a single strand or many strands can be worn at different lengths to create a unique style for you. You may decide to go for a chunky wooded design or something bright and funky that has been handcrafted from brightly coloured acrylic shapes. Your chosen piece of handmade jewellery may have been crafted from crystals offering you a sparkly and sophisticated jewellery design.

For arm handmade jewellery, there are arm bands (upper arm bracelets) bracelets, cuff links and the bangles. In certain countries like India and Pakistan and many of the Middle Eastern countries it is traditional to wear bangles just to show that the women is married and belongs to a happy family On these occasions more than one bracelet can be seen worn at one time. Layers of these handcrafted jewellery pieces can be seen in many beautiful colours creating a unique and unusual array of colours on a lady. Some of the colours may be chosen to compliment the women’s outfit. The bracelets can be crafted from gold or silver in plain or intricate designs, with or without the addition of semi-precious and precious stones. Some of the designs are made from glass and semi-precious stones and this style has now been taken up by the fashion conscious in the West and layering of beautiful handmade jewellery bracelets can be seen on the cat walks of the entire major city’s offering a unique and unusual slant on what is a traditional way to wear these pieces of handcrafted jewellery.

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