Marriages in India or all across the world are the biggest occasions of one’s life. It is the occasion, when the bride and the groom both want to have the best of their times. Marriage is a time, in which both the families and the relatives of the bride and groom want to have gala time with their family and relatives. This day, generally comes only once in the lives of human beings, therefore, they want to celebrate it to the fullest, so that to have the most admired memories of their lives. The most important thing, which a bride and groom are worried and conscious about, is their looks on the day of their wedding, which has to be outstanding and marvelous in any case.

The wedding dress, the whole attire or the look of the bride and the groom needs to be very beautiful, outstanding, and different from the rest of the dresses already available in the market. There are many wedding designers, which are hired for the process of designing the wedding dress of the bride and the groom. These wedding designers, makes the bride and groom very trendy and at the same time, maintaining the ethnic quotient of the dress preserved and alive. The bridal and grooms dresses in the Indian marriages are very colorful and portrays a great image of the Indian brides and grooms. The dresses are totally studded with traditional work, which helps in adding more essence of the Indianism to the wedding.

One more element which plays a significant role in the decoration of an Indian bride and groom and making them acquire a proper look of the Indian wedding is the jewellery. The wedding jewellery is something, which an Indian bride and groom, cannot do without. The Indian wedding is surely incomplete without the heavy Indian jewellery worn by the Indian bride. One can easily judge an Indian bride out of the lot of brides, present of other countries of the world, due to the wedding dress and jewellery worn by them. An Indian bride can always be seen loaded with loads of heavy and long jewellery on her body. In fact, the dress of the Indian bride and groom is also embroidered with the gold and silver ornaments, making the dress so heavy and beautiful.

Gold jewellery is very famous mostly in the southern part of the country. Southern Indian brides are mostly flooded with lots of gold jewellery necklaces, earnings, bangles, anklets, and many ornaments to add to the beauty of the Indian bride. With the changing times, and the modern element of jewellery coming into practice, there are many other types of jewellery, which is worn by the Indian bride, which are:

Kundan jewellery
Diamond jewellery
White diamond jewellery
Pearl jewellery
Gem stone jewellery
Meenakari Jewellery

Designer jewellery, which is basically on demand, matching the dress of the Indian bride. Indian brides are said to be incomplete without the jewellery. The more elegant and plain look is possessed by the western brides, opposite is the wedding look acquired by the Indian brides, they are fully covered with bright colored clothes and heavy jewellery. To make the bride look the best and different from others, there are many types of jewellery, which is worn by bride on her wedding day:

Bridal set- necklace and earrings
Maang tikka
Shringar Patti
Nath – nose ring
Choodiyan – bangles
Hathphool – bracelet and rings
Anguthi – finger ring
Bichua – toe ring
Kamarband – waist band
Bajuband – arm band
Payal – anklet

Thus an Indian bride is made to look very different and auspicious with all these jewellery types worn by her. The Indian groom, in some religions is also made to wear necklace and small earrings, but this practice is followed in a very limited religions and states of the country. Otherwise the wedding dress of the groom in itself is very amazing and beautiful, giving the groom look like a price, who has come to wed his princess.

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